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what do we offer?

Multiple Commission Levels

We offer percentage program with up to 50% recurring
commission, up to 100% with first invoice commission.

Lifetime Revenue Share

With percentage program we will pay you lifetime
commission from each member subscription renewals.

1 Year Cookies

You will never miss any sale with 1 year cookies
we use for potential subscribers

Payouts on Demand

Payouts by request anytime.

2nd and 3rd Tier Programs

Invite more webmasters and get 10%
of all their earnings

Permanent Contests and Special Prizes

Each month we choose the best affiliate and raise their fee by 10%
for the next month. The more sales - the more money you'll earn!

(Number of sales based)

  • Number of sales

  • 1 - 25

  • 26 - 50

  • 51+

  • Main Percentage Program
    Recurring for unlimited period.

  • 30% / sale

  • 35% / sale

  • 40% / sale

(Subscriptions based plans)

  • Subscription plan

  • 1 month

  • 3 months

  • 1 year

  • 2 years

  • Percentage Program SubR
    Recurring for unlimited period.

  • 40% / sale

  • 35% / sale

  • 25% / sale

  • 20% / sale

  • Percentage Program SubF
    First invoice only. Not recurring.

  • 80% / sale

  • 70% / sale

  • 50% / sale

  • 40% / sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trust.Zone Affiliate accept all websites?

We review each application individually and evaluate whether or not we deem its nature or content suitable to represent the Trust.Zone brand.

Is there a minimum amount before I get paid?

You will need to generate a minimum of $150 in commission before we process your affiliate payment. Balances under $150 will be accrued until the threshold has been met. This minimum threshold can be increased at your request.

What payment methods Trust.Zone Affiliate support?

Affiliates can be paid by Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer, Webmoney and others.


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- Sam, 33yo

"Affiliate support team at Trust.Zone Affiliate is unmatched! I have NEVER had a problem with payouts. A great affiliate program, Trust.Zone Affiliate can bring success to everyone."

- Alexander, 27yo

"I had wonderful experience working with Trust.Zone Affiliate and I did not have any hesitation while signing up with Trust.Zone Affiliate. I would wholeheartedly recommend Trust.Zone Affiliate to other webmasters."

- Edward, 30yo

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