Trust.Zone Added a Postback Feature. You Can Now See a Source of Your Sale

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Trust.Zone Team has added a new option for all affiliates. Now you can see a source of your every sale. If you send visitors from different sources (websites, pages, blogs and etc) to Trust.Zone, you can determine a source which made a sale for you.

The solution is adding a special parameter (subId=...) to your affiliate link. When sale has been done, we send a notification (a postback) to you with your earnings value. You can now understand which of your visitors generated a sale.

Please take in mind, we don't send any details of the visitors to affiliates because we don't track users on the website or app. So, we don't know GEO, gender, personal details or anything else. With postback, you can understand  your source who made a sale and your earning only in live mode.


1. Log in to your affiliate account

2. Go to Settings (top menu item), click API on the right sidebar

3. Activate your Postback API by clicking on checkbox

4. Enter your postback URL. See image:

For example, your affiliate link is the following:
1. Activate your API (see image above). Enter your Postback URL. For example, your postback url is

2. Add parameter subId to your affiliate links everytime you send visitors to Trust.Zone. It looks like that:

is a value you set. It should be max 32 symbols text value.

3. When some user has clicked your affiliate link and he has purchased (or renewed) any plan, we send a postback request. So, we send a request to your postback url like this:

where subId=somevalue is a value you sent us before, cp.ap is your earning in $

Note: Don't add any url paramters into the Postback URL field. So, it should be like this or  and etc. and not like this
Our system will add parameters subId and cp.ap automatically!

Need More examples? See here:

For example, you have 3 pages on your affiliate website: homepage, news, about.  You have installed the same banner on every page. Which your page is the most earning?  With API, it's easy

on homepage make your affiliate link like this (example):

on news page make your affiliate link like this (example):

on about page make your affiliate link like this (example):

When some user has purchased (or renewed) plan on Trust.Zone website by clicking your homepage link, we send a postback url to you like that (example)  

If your visitor purchased (or renewed) a plan after clicking  banner on news page, we send the following postback   and etc...

So, subId is the same parameter value you have sent to us, cp.ap is your earning in $

Please, feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.

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